"Without caring there can be no quality"

- Joel Barker         

Hi there! My name is David Pereira, owner of David Leal Pereira Photography and I am such a lucky man in life. Why you ask? Because I am truly blessed to wake up every day and do what I truly love for a living. It truly is amazing and it is made possible through the constant support of my incredible family and loved ones. Second only to family, photography is my life.

 I have always loved photography and have been a fan of capturing images. A camera was always essential for me to have. Every time I would go with my family on vacations as a kid there I would be snapping pictures of them and recording our memories. I love that a photo is a moment of time that can be treasured for a lifetime. My passion for photography started to evolve in 2011 as I started to see that shooting images was something that I truly loved to do. In 2016, I started shooting professionally and continued developing my skills. I believe as a photographer and artist, I can never stop learning or fine tuning my trade. My style is a combination of candid shots, traditional poses and photojournalism, providing you with not only pictures you will want to display in your home, but images that will provide the pause button of your special moments so you can always reminisce.


Outside of my family and photography, the next thing I am passionate about is people and being able to tell their story through images. That is why my focus is always on the experience I provide to prospects and clients. Although I provide you with beautiful photographs, customer service is of great importance to me. As a photographer I know that a portrait or image can be intimate and can make you vulnerable. That is why I want you to not only feel comfortable working with me, but I also want to ensure that you feel the value of the service I provide for you far exceeds your investment.

Contact me today and let's talk about how I can serve your photographic needs. Give me the opportunity to do what I do best and I won't let you down!

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I would love to work with you.


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