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Nicholas' First Birthday | Stamford, CT

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

A little over two weeks ago I was able to shoot my first ever one year old birthday party. This was actually a combination of two shoots because a week prior to the birthday party, at the request of the parents, I had gone to their house to do a portrait session of just baby Nicholas. So it was on July 7th that I went over to their house for the portrait session. Although it was a beautiful day, we shot indoors as it was a little on the humid side outside.

Let me say before anything else that Nicholas was made for the camera. This child is super photogenic. Although he was more interested in crawling around the house and playing with his toys than he was with posing you can't blame him because he is after all a one year old. The best part of the shoot though was when he came crawling up to my camera and just gave a big old smile. It is probably one of my personal favorite shots from that day. It was a pure emotion. It wasn't like I asked him to smile, he just did and it was right at the lens. It was perfect! For me I love capturing raw and spontaneous moments like that no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is a wedding, an engagement session, a birthday party, or even if it is just an individual wanting to get a portrait, I love being able to capture those raw, special and unique emotions because that is the real deal.

Well let me tell you that after two outfit changes and countless attempts to get Nicholas' attention I was able to walk away with a nice portfolio for his parents. Knowing the birthday party itself was a week away, I got to work that night and started culling the images from the shoot. Two days after the shoot, working night and day, I had post produced 70 final images and had them sent over to the parents as a little extra surprise. Mom and Dad loved the images and were happy to have received them so quickly.

The following Sunday, on July 14th, was the actual birthday party. I knew the parents has some details they paid extra for so I went earlier before any of the guests arrived to make sure I got those detailed shots. It was a picture perfect day. The party was both indoors and outdoors, but for the most part Nicholas was indoors. After getting the detailed shots in and following Nicholas around for a while trying to get some good snaps of him, the guests started to arrive. This was a really nice birthday party as the parents had invited their family and friends over to their house to celebrate their baby boy's first birthday. A little later on in the day the kids who were in attendance got treated to a balloon animal artist. The kids, and some adults as well lol, were blown away (no pun intended) at some of the balloon animals this artist made.

After the balloon animals it was cake time. The parents had gotten Nicholas a smash cake. At first Nicholas wasn't doing much with it, but after a little help he smashed part of it and got it all over his face and clothes. What kid doesn't like sugar, right? Just before the cake and the singing of happy birthday though there was a moment that I captured that I absolutely loved. It was Nicholas with his maternal grandmother and the two looking at each other. It was another one of those raw moments. That is why I always say that part of my style is photojournalistic. At any moment you have to be ready to catch these unique and special moments because you cannot recreate them. This was another one of my favorite images from the two shoots.

After the cake, and a bath for Nicholas, outside to the bouncy castle it was. By this time many of the guests had gone home, but I wanted to grab a few more pictures of Nicholas having fun in the bouncy castle with his cousins. At one point I climbed in to this inflatable funhouse, hoping not to pop it lol, and was able to get some more great shots of Nicholas. To finish the day I got some beautiful portraits of Nicholas with his parents.

All in all this was a fun and great experience for me. My focus has now turned back to weddings, engagements, portraits, and headshots. I never limit myself on what photography jobs I can do. I love taking photos and being a photographer is truly my dream job. I would absolutely do another one year old birthday party. I am also open to travel anywhere in the world if the opportunity presents itself.

Here are some of my favorite images from the pre-birthday shoot and the birthday itself. Hope you enjoy!


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