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Starting Over Again

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Over the past few weeks I have been working a lot behind the scenes on redesigning my site. I wanted to provide a place where all my photography content could live. Most people have known me for my travel and landscape images, but very few people are aware of my work with photographing couples, weddings, portraits, and headshots. As much as I love taking travel and landscape pictures I love working with people and capturing their story through images. So finally I am putting on display all of my photographic work.

As I continue to grow as a photographer and professional I will display more of my work through my site, social media accounts and my blog as well. I want to grow as a professional and take my photography business to the next level. As this blog continues to develop you will see various things from stories of clients, guides for clients and potential clients, and also some tips for aspiring and other fellow photographers as well. I want to be able to not only provide a service to clients but I would be honored and humbled to help other artists in growing their brand and improving their skills.

I myself have been learning so much lately through various courses I have been taking and workshops I have been attending. It's such a pleasure and honor to learn from so many great and well known photographers. Just as equally rewarding is the opportunity to form a lot of bonds with other photographers. I have joined so many photography groups as of late and the knowledge I am learning from my peers I feel has enhanced my gift of capturing images even further. The truth is I believe that we never stop learning. In one of the courses that I recently took, there was a quote thrown out that I truly loved and it was:

"In this world, you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow." - Lou Holtz

This is so true and really stuck with me. My passion for photography has always been strong and I believe that growth is a never ending journey. The plan as I continue to grow as a professional and a photographer is to keep on learning not only from courses, but through my trade as a photographer. Over the next few months I plan to become a certified professional photographer, recognized by one of the largest photography associations in the world, the Professional Photographers of America. I am proudly a member now, but want to continue to grow.

As a part of growing will also be stepping outside of my comfort zone and blogging. Writing has been something that I've done personally, but never in public forum like this. I have tried blogging before in the past, but I never had anything I was passionate about. As this blog evolves I cannot wait to write about and share with you the weddings I capture, the portrait sessions I shoot, and the headshot images I produce. As I stated before I also look forward to share with you fellow artists tips and tricks on this wonderful world of photography that I love to much.

The clients I have worked with so far have been amazing and I hope to work with you one day in the future as well. If we work together you will come to see that my work as a photographer is more than just beautiful images. I provide you with a reliable, unique, trustworthy, and valuable service. You will be extremely satisfied with not just your photos, but also with the great customer service experience.

I hope you enjoy this new and redesigned site. For those that I have worked with before in the past I look forward to working with you again. If we have not yet worked together, then I hope to have the opportunity to provide you with your photographic needs.

The new and redesigned logo

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